Thursday, November 13, 2008


This year Xmas, I decided

Eat like Amelie

Sleep like Amelie
Dream like Amelie

Live like Amelie

Smile like Amelie

Wear like Amelie

And have a hair style like Amelie

Merry X'mas My Frens


ariel said...

merry soon to be x'mas my dear jimuisss~

ps: posted at 12:26pm..almost x'masly time! ^^

jooknun said...

merry x'mas to you too!!!!

happy japan trip ^^

lulu said...

And, all the jimuisss
Lovely like Amelie^^


felice said...

u sure wanna have a hairstyle like Amelie? I am eager to find out how you look like...hehee..

jooknun said...

hahhaha considering sin... cut short liao then wanna keep long also bit mafan ...