Monday, December 01, 2008


我喜歡宜家最近的廣告, 讓我們知道其實Home appliances 其實佔據了我們生活的很大部分.
上個星期我家的洗衣機壞了差不多一個禮拜, 我才發現
平常都在的東西, 我們真的真的不會太在意, 直到沒有了才發現她的好
雖然這道理我們都懂, 可是都只是嘴巴說說而已
謝謝愛迪生, 謝謝貝爾


ariel said...
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ariel said...

since then,
are you the 20% or what...

felice said...

the ads is only applicable in s'pore..if in here...what do u think the ads will be? hehe

jooknun said...

100% of mu-s-lim-erssss turn off their light and go to mosque (masjib) to sembayang on Friday.

PITY (the light) RM 15.00

jooknun said...

CSM, depends on mood geh, sometimes im 20% sometimes im others wakakakka

felice said... religious issue here..

jooknun said...

sembayang is a must for them, so no worries, no religious issue at all