Friday, September 28, 2007


Hi Babies,
Following Updated as for meeting held on 26-09-07.
1 Wine of the Month
1.1 Commitee Selections- WINE NAME
1.2 White Wine- WINE NAME (will inform the vintage)
1.3 Group Promotions
a) Brand- WINE NAME (A & B & C)
3 Bottles for $128.00.
b) WINE NAME- 3rd bottles enjoy a discount of 50%
3rd bottles can be the same price of the 1st or 2nd bottle (must be lower)
1.4 WINE NAME A Series but 3 bottles- free1 bottle of WINE NAME
( WINE NAME not included )
1.5 WINE NAME -1 free bottle of WINE NAME for every 5 bttles of WINE NAME(box)-Purchase $39.80
-- P.S. All the above Promotions have no further discount ( not entitle for case discount)

Goodies and Promotions for Customers who drink at our Drinking Area
Sunday-Family Day
Parent Drinking-Chidren (Kids) entitle for FREE MC Donald food.(Booking to be made earlier pre to the session.)
Purchase any bottle of WINE NAME- free CHEESE and HAM
Discount of 20% for the 2nd same bottle
Wednesday-Mid Week Blue
1 Champagne- free 1 Plate of Strawberries
Thursday- white, White,Sparkling Brut and a Red (will let all know the type of Red)(effective October)
Per-pax $38.00 from 17:00pm-20;00pm
1 WINE NAME promotion Ends-
2 Concentrate more on Yellow Tags Sales- Higher Commision.
3 No commision for White tag Champagne.(start Oct)

Events Happening at WINE NAME.
6 Oct 2007 venue title
13 Oct 2007 venue title
19-21 Oct venue title
20 Oct venue title
28 Oct venue title
3 Nov venue title
9 Nov venue title

Please Display the Event Poster in the Front Shop so that customers can View Clearly.
Also display POSTER on NEW WINE that ARRIVED to the Shop.
Above are to made clearly to all Staff of District 1. Please ask when you are not certain.

Some others things that I wish to add on to District 1 (Rules and Regulation.)
As every staff know that we are the front line to the Customers, we must always be clean and tidy.Common mistakes that I noticed and had always a reminder but most staff take it for granted.

Each Staff will be given 10 points
1 point will be deducted for any mistake made,

a) Clothings which carries bad smell
b) Hair didnot properly tighty up
c) Did not tuck in the shirt.
d) Customers left unattended.
e) Busy tallking over the phone./SMS (Phone Silent or Vibrant)

After 10 points being deducted staff will be sent to another District, if other District donot accept then, I will say sorry then.

Staff on Duty come late to work will be fine $0.50 (each Time)

--Last reinder for staff who didnot comply to my request of PERSONAL WORKSCOPE in the shop as Retail Consultant,please submit before end September 2007. For none comfirm Staff and Part-Time.
--NAME please let me know the outcome of the 1) Florist shop. 2)Proposals to NAME.You had promised to submit?
--Lastly, I will give Surprises to staff who perform well and recommend to the head office to promote the staff to another level/position in the shops.(Higher Commision.)

Hope everyone are happy to work under my District and our motivations to work and perform as a outstanding TEAMS and PASSION in Name Wine Shop.

District 1
her name

以上是我在昨天收到的電郵, 這封電郵對我而言, 不知道是該哭還是該笑. 這電郵有嚴重讓我想離職的念頭, 很多上司都對下屬有很大的誤解就是把他們當小孩來看待, 小朋友, 衣服要洗哦, 頭髮要綁哦, 指甲要修剪哦, 不然丑丑又臭臭沒有客人要上門等等等等的. 身為一個對美有某種程度上的執作的偏執狂, 我都很努力買雜誌扮美美. 只是被限制於制服的框框內, 又是大紅過時的制服, 我實在沒有辦法有想打扮的想法. 穿甚麼都不對. 然而, 你又用了甚麼樣的制度去審判衣服香還是臭? 我今天沒有用softlan, 我只用了fab算臭還是香? 頭髮綁了一半的公主頭算不算綁? 顧客堅持要自己逛, 我應該要遵守你設定的規矩還是讓顧客賓至如歸? 名片上都有我們的手機號碼, 陌生的電話我怎麼知道是不是顧客打來的? 在我很小的時候, 小學吧, 我的小學老師已經不屑罰錢了, 因為大家都搭公共交通上課, 時間輪不到我們自己控制, 遲到各十分鐘十五分鐘都不是很嚴重的問題, 不是每個人都像你每天搭德士, 不然就把老公當柴可夫. 遲到罰款$0.50, 那我幾乎每天都遲半個小時回家, 你會不會倒貼我一分鐘$0.50?

我對這份工作本來就不存有任何大野心的想法, 只是覺得紅酒還蠻有趣的, 學來也無妨, 跟同事也相處得很不錯, 嘻嘻哈哈的又一天. 只是面對如此雞毛當令箭的上司 (注: 她是老闆的老婆的妹妹) 就算沒有野心也想走人.

請住在新加坡的朋友注意, 有沒有工作介紹??? 我大眾傳播degree畢業, 任何適合的都好, 我現在只想走人. 謝謝.

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nothing stranger said...

walau... (first impression when i was reading the first part of your mail and continued to be jaw-dropped wa wa wa...)

if u're coming back, kindly consider to join my force? =b life is hard. ganbate!