Thursday, November 19, 2009

美麗與智慧並具是Zooey Deschanel

男生其實都不知道女生比他們更喜歡看美女, 只是女生看女生的態度更為嚴格與極端.
下著雷雨的午後, 我一直聽著she & him, 記憶中在yes man對她留下非常好的印象, 唱著神經質的歌曲, 提倡邊跑步邊拍照的想法. 有點偏執但很像她本身的氣質.

但是除去神經質, 偏執狂, 她本人是一個美女.

非常的可愛, 五官很細緻, 是我很喜歡那種可以塗上血紅色口紅的女生.

氣質非常的好, 眼神常常滲透出無辜的訊息, 讓我都招架不住
她是演員, 唱作人 還有 她是潮人, 乍看之下有奧黛麗的影子
重點是, 她有一種有意無意的性感.

穿上低胸小洋裝, 還是個大奶妹!!!


felice said...

i like her in 500 days of summer =)

creative hamba said...

wasai...very Q..
when i am thinking of watching 500 summer again, i see your blog.....

weeLee said...

i like her too. go watch her in 500 days of summer. :)

she reminds me of katy perry tho'.

Fei said...

at first, i actually think she is really annoying, cos her role NEVER changes, i've seen her in so many movies, its always the same characteristic, where she is literally 'innocent' but she is actually very very eccentric and smart and always that same look, same face, and if u watch all her movies, u'll actually be confused she's not acting, she's prbbly being herself, lol!

Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy- was the movie which she acted in and annoys me like mad, annoying in yes man too, but thank god for 500 summer days, at least i feel like, wow, finally this film can do her justice! and more ppl kinda recognize her i can rest my case instead of running away from films she acted in, haha!

here's part of the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy film in case ur wondering,

cassieandrea said...

oh yeah katy perry look alike whahaha =)
whahaha sambil run sambil take photo. i love her impromptu.