Saturday, January 31, 2009

Florian Kaps

Thank you Florian Kaps, maybe this is somehow a little bit late. But thing is better late than never.

Sometimes I think make a wish and keep on wishing the wish can come true is really works.

Last year when Polaroid announced polaroid film stop producing, I do sad for quite some times, I wish somebody really stand up and save polaroid from dying. But the wish seems so weak, I wish I rich enough to do so, but too bad I am not. Then, you came out with a really good news of the year.

Dear Florian Kaps, there is nothing I can say but thank you, with only one condition, please do not increase the retail price of the film =)

See ya~ and earn more ^^ I wish to pay for your product soon. =)

p/s: somebody wanna name his son after you. haha, that's interesting.


lulu said...

thank you Kaps!

ariel said...