Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Is a LONG one

I do agree that do not write anything about office politic at blog, because you do not know who is the one who reading and again backstab you by using your blog as one of the proves.
Sometimes people just don't understand blog is a space to the blogger to breath a little bit more when he or she suffers from the sickness of being too reality in the world outside Internet.
I am being isolated by myself all these days, because I start to understand that the most dangerous animal in the world is human being, who walk, drink, eat, play and talk with you all the time.
The person I mentioned here do not really read Chinese, so I have to write in English so that she can understand very well, if she reading this.

The story starts with an online shop, which I think I really have to re-clarify myself if you think offended.

First of all, I think I already told you in the first place, I do not really interested in the business that you dreaming to have, but if you need somebody to help and support you, I do not mind to start everything with you. But I do said I will withdraw myself once I think I should, remember you said you understand to me?
End up, you do everything yourself, look for suppliers and contact them to get the stock that you want. But the process is irritating, because you do it during the working hours while we might be busy or just do not have the mood to discuss it. You keep on bombing me (should said us) with pop up msn message, because you do not really understand Chinese, but you have to deal with Taiwanese supplier. While chatting with suppliers, you just copy and paste the words you do not understand and ask for our translation. After answered, you just disappear by continue the conversation with supplier.
And the best part is, it happened at least 10 times a day.
Don't you feel irritating if somebody do the same to you every single day?

I think somehow or rather being partner need to have share something in common, I think it is really hard for us to communication because you always think you are correct, eventhough you are not, you will insist to do it regardless we do or do not agree with you.
For the 2nd shipment, I really see no point bringing it in, because you do not really have any order yet. Why making yourself so miserable. Since you already have the suppliers to supplier stock for you, why so hurry? Just ask suppliers for some picture of the stock that they have and wait for order then ask supplier to post it to you. Your house is not store room to keep all the stock. I think doing business really have to think alot, can not just simply do it without think twice.

And many more, after few weeks, I feel that since we are having a huge different in thinking and doing things, why keep us together, maybe back to normal friend sounds better. We did talk about how I feel and we settled everything by I leave you alone work on what you want and I continue my own dream too. Since, initially I already said I will leave you when I meet the right time. Right?
You still remember the last phrase you told is, I do thank you for telling me all these, I do not know how badly you think while I am working alone here. Do not let this spoilt our relationship.

Then you start to talk alot of things about me and behind me. Well, this is not the first time anyway. Remember you also do the same last time after the meeting, you tell everybody about how bad you feel working together with me, but in front of me, you just act nothing happened. End up you come to me and say you did tell me about what you said to boss and senior and others too. By telling me do not take it as you backstab me, because you did tell me AT THE FINAL MOMENT you tell everyone about it.

I told you, next time if you feel bad about me, just tell me first, I might not know I did wrong because if I do, I won't do it that way.
You said you are sorry about not treating me as partner and also not trusting me. I said ok, I am fine. And yet I found out you did it AGAIN.

This is suck, and I feel sick with you, all the time during working hours.
So, please stop talking about me, because I am nobody in your life. I do not want to be IMPORTANT. Thanks.

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