Tuesday, April 14, 2009


"A while ago Leica released the limited Safari Edition of their flagship M8 model. In time for summer they will be releasing the white edition of the classic beauty. So far the price and release date have not been announced yet, but apparently numbers will be extremely limited on this one, according to Luxist.
We will keep you posted!"

你知道甚麼是心被楸著, 卻束手無策的感覺嗎?


ariel said...


農夫 said...


cassieandrea said...

gou li mei lorrr!! ^^

lulu said...

yeah i think black Leica still the classic one.

jooknun said...

CSM, 買屁~~~ bor lui ar..

農夫, 恩恩~~~ 努力說服自己中

fuu fuu, how about you buy first, and lend me play play???

Lulu sang, i prefer the silver one actually XDDD