Tuesday, January 26, 2010

All time favorite

you might not know by seeing a picture
this is what we call Kerepek Ubi Pedas
you might not know by not growing up in a Malay Kampung
this is a type of Malay snack
My all time favorite
and i found 3 packs in my office pantry today,
it surprised me and made my day
i ate one for breakfast
(okie, i know it is a snack, but who said snack can't be breakfast too?)
there is another pack on my table
which i wanna keep it
until i have a bad day
then i will open it
and bite it a little by little
there is another pack still laying at the pantry
somebody, go get it!
okie people might not appreciate how good it is
it is fattening but it tastes great!


cassieandrea said...

i want keropok lekor jie jie =D

jooknun said...

you go terengganu for trip, i bring you go eat nice mia keropok lekor!

cassieandrea said...

whahahahaha wang!