Friday, January 08, 2010

i have learned a new word

i have learned a new word
but i dunno what it means
in fact it means nothing
i keep it in my heart
something strange happened
the dictionary or wikipedia doesnt explain why
even google tells me crab
its a sweet dream i guess
but it happened in real
i miss it
but i cant own it
what a shame
i dun have a pair of slim legs


creative hamba said...

what word??

Anonymous said...


jooknun said...

skinny jeans

yee.wean said...

i learned it.
but i've never used it!
i've tried! but just failed!
face it...its nt my type of things!

jooknun said...

cannot!!! i dun wanna face it!

gonna fit in it before i meet my dream guy on 19th march 2010