Friday, March 12, 2010

things happened for a reason
you are you
you were you

cheers, it's FRIDAY

p/s: Jack Neo is a very good DIRECTOR, SCRIPT WRITER and ACTOR as well.
Well done, Mr Neo.


cassieandrea said...

the picture no me T___T

ariel said...

no me also TT_TT

p.s. word verification: pintifut (malaiga?!)

felice said... hair was long that time..

i miss this sunset, i miss the day when we had our wine at Charles Bridge and i miss the moment when we bumped into Arielc, Feiwen and joanne ^^

jooknun said...

fuu fuu and mei mei, next time next time hehehehe

nee nee, i miss all the things you miss =)

cassieandrea said...

hahahhaahhaa i miss everything that jimuisss misses!